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Case Management & Discharge Planning

The importance of careful and considerate case management is vital to the success of a patient’s recovery. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we take pride in providing thorough and thoughtful case management services in order to help our clients have the best chance of lasting success with their recovery efforts. Case Management is a fundamental component of any recovery program, and it is important that people understand the roles and responsibilities of a case manager so they can work together to navigate the road to recovery.

What is Case Management?

Case management is a term used to describe the ownership of a case related to addiction recovery. When a person is admitted to our treatment and recovery center, they are assigned a case manager who will help navigate the treatment options and ensure the patient is following through with their treatment regimen. Case management ensures that programs are going according to plan and provides that facilities have a way to determine program outcomes and are able to provide the level of care necessary during treatment. Because recovery often involves more than one treatment center or facility, case management is involved in keeping these pieces moving smoothly so as not to interrupt the care and rehabilitation of the person involved.

What Does A Case Manager Do For A Patient During Treatment?

Your case manager is the cog that keeps the wheel of treatment moving. Because there are so many moving pieces, case managers take ownership of the treatment process and make sure that people are where they said they would be, when they said they would be there. Basically, the case manager is in charge of ensuring a patient gets the treatment they need. The job of the case manager is not an easy one; this requires a thorough and regularly updated understanding of protocols, regulations, laws and more in order to keep people safe and in line with requirements for recovery programs. What’s more, case managers handle a staggering amount of cases every year, and each one hinges on their ability to know and understand the needs of clients so that they can get the best care possible. Case managers are also advocates for their clients. They work on their behalf to ensure they are getting what they need from social services, medical services, recovery services, support from their employers, families and more. Toward the end of treatment, case managers may help people find transition homes, halfway houses or residential options to continue the recovery process in if the individual needs it. There are too many responsibilities to list, but the job is one of vital importance.

Why is Case Management Important to Addiction Recovery?

When a person enters recovery, they are in a vulnerable state and may feel like they have no one on their side to help them get a plan together and keep it together. The importance of case management cannot be overstated. Because addiction can take over the lives of people in unexpected ways, case management often involves helping people find jobs, homes, and support. Sometimes, people cannot start the road to recovery while they are homeless so a case manager can help rectify this situation for a period of time to help the recovery process begin. Case management is the champion of the addiction recovery process. Case management ensures the smooth execution of a treatment plan, recovery process, and transition from treatment to returning to life.

Case management has been shown to significantly improve the likelihood of success for addicts in recovery programs. They tend to follow medical directions better, take medications more regularly, learn self-management skills easier and maintain those skills over time, overall quality of care and dedication to the program, patient satisfaction, attendance to appointments and follow-ups,  and more.

How is A Case Manager Assigned?

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, the patient will be assigned a case manager based on their needs and situation when they are admitted to the program. Our case managers work with the entire medical team and support staff to ensure the patient is engaging in the treatment program to the best of their ability and they support them throughout the recovery process and beyond.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, reach out to our facility at Resurgence Behavioral Health today to find out how we can help, and start on the road to recovery.

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