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When it comes to treating addiction, Resurgence Behavioral Health Recovery Center believes in treating the whole body and mind, and not just the signs and symptoms of the addiction. The person, as a whole, is much better off when they are attending to all of their physical and mental needs, and not just trying to fix what is considered broken. Addiction is viewed as a mental illness amongst health professionals, and it’s hard to treat a mental illness without treating the mind. Addiction has the power to physically change the way our brains are designs and how they function, so it is important to focus on fixing more than just the urges to drugs, sex, or alcohol.

What Roles Does the Mind Play in Addiction Recovery?

A popular and very effective tool that is used in recovery programs, such as the ones offered by Resurgence Behavioral Health, is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is a process by which the person starts to change the way they think about certain aspects of their life. For example, people can begin to overcome addiction by first identifying what triggers their addictions and then changing the way they think about those triggers. It’s is not an easy process, but it is a worthy process to help the mind heal itself; thus, treating the person with the addiction. The brain can physically be rewired because of the effects of addiction, and it can be challenging to rewire it back to its original state. By working with highly trained and experienced counselors, therapists and caseworkers, people can start to take back their lives by staying in touch with their mental needs, as well as their physical needs for successful recovery.

Staying in tune with one’s mind is an important part of the recovery process and meditation, and mindfulness is a vital approach to starting and maintaining the recovery process for many addicts. People are encouraged to enter our recovery programs with an open mind about treating their entire body and being so that they can experience the best possible chance for success.

What Role Does the Body Play in Addiction Recovery?

In addition to focusing on the mind, focusing on the body is an important part of the recovery process as well. The physical effects of addiction can be devastating to a person, and it can take a lot out of a person when they do finally decide to seek treatment. Detox and rehabilitation is exhausting and has many physical difficulties for people. The beginning of detox can be severe, and it’s important to continue to fuel and take care of the body during this process. Even after the initial stages of detoxification, people can continue to experience fatigue, weakness, sore muscles and joints, headaches, tooth pain, sleeplessness, irritability, nausea, vomiting and so much more. These physical attributes of withdrawal and recovery can be managed with medication, diet, and exercise.

The body has the incredible ability to heal itself, but it needs the optimal conditions to allow that to happen. When people undergo medically supervised detoxification and withdrawal processes, they run the least risk of adverse effects taken hold because they can be in a calming and supporting environment that can intervene if necessary.

The treatment programs at Resurgence incorporate mind and body considerations to ensure the whole being is looked after and cared for during the recovery process, and how to manage themselves outside of recovery.

What Role Does Fitness and Diet Play in Addiction Recovery?

In order to keep the body healthy during the recovery process, and to ensure that the person has a greater chance of success with their treatment plan overall, a fitness and diet regimen is designed for our clients. At Resurgence, we know the important impact healthy food can have a person’s overall mood, physical appearance, and mental ability, and we provide our clients with only the best diet and exercise opportunities. People can expect to participate in a full exercise regimen including yoga, gym, pool, walking, and more. As well, meditation is an essential part of the Yoga experience, as well as the mindfulness mentioned earlier.

When it comes to an addict’s diet, studies have shown that people with addictions don’t take care of themselves the way a person without an addiction would. Often, addicts are severely malnourished and have no idea how to begin feeding themselves with healthy food. Our nutritionists and chefs work to ensure people are fueled with the optimal food for their best chance at becoming strong and healthy. We have found that individuals who strive to take care of their whole body, and not just their addiction, have a great chance of success long after the program ends. Because good habits breed good habits, people who are lean and fit and eat healthy food don’t want to inject their bodies with drugs or drink alcohol anymore. It’s a win-win for them, and they don’t want to jeopardize all that they have worked hard for.

When people are deprived of valuable nutrition, they are more susceptible to a relapse or to become addicts in the first place. A life focused on proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation can help an addict stay clean and sober for the rest of their life.

As part of the treatment plan, people will undergo a diet consultation where our nutritionist will determine a current state of health and eating habits, make recommendations for improvement and then evaluate and adjust throughout your treatment plan and stay in the facility. If you are an outpatient, you will be provided with strong recommendations for improving your overall health and wellness as part of your recovery treatment plan.

Most people find they feel better and have improvements in mood, energy, and hope after only a few weeks of eating better, exercising regularly, and following the rest of their treatment plan as prescribed by Resurgence Behavioral Health.

Putting it All Together

When it comes to treating the whole body, there are generally two approaches to mind and body treatment. These are “top down” whereby the treatment plan starts with focusing on the mind first and then incorporating elements of the physical health into the treatment plan at a later time; or the “bottom up” approach whereby people focus on making the body stronger and healthier first so that they have the strength and focus to begin working on the mind. Both methods are successful, and the strategy will depend greatly on the person’s ability to start eating healthy food; for example, severe addicts may not be able to consume whole foods right away and may need to start with a liquid diet or diet free from ingredients that may irritate them during withdrawal or detoxification.

When you come to Resurgence Behavioral Health, you’ll find a full staff of highly trained professionals eager to help you achieve the recovery you seek. Contact us today to talk about your treatment options that include treating the whole body and mind.

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