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Non 12-Step Drug Rehab

Non-Traditional Rehab Options Differ from Traditional Rehab

If you are considering drug or alcohol rehab, you should be congratulated. Seeking help is the first step in a successful recovery. However, you still have a big choice to make. Just what type of rehab program will you attend?

Some will tell you it best to go with a traditional 12-step, formulaic program. The fact that these treatment centers have been around so long is proof of their success, right? Well, maybe not. Many people who want to kick their drug or alcohol habits for good are increasingly embracing non-traditional, alternative treatment options.

You should not allow uninformed people to influence you into making a bad choice on such an important issue. Learn the pros and cons of each treatment and then decide for yourself.

How Non-Traditional Programs Differ from the 12-Steps

The main difference between 12-step rehab and alternative programs is the focus on drug or alcohol dependence. In the traditional approach, the rehab facility believes that the primary problem for all addicts is dependency. They seek to address this problem above all others. Meanwhile, alternative rehab programs attempt to solve a variety of issues equally.

Sure dependency is a significant consideration for anyone addicted to a harmful substance. However, alternative practitioners also believe that patients arrive with underlying issues that have played a role in their addiction.

Just weaning the person off of drugs or alcohol is not enough. You have to find out just what personal motivations have led the patient to mistakenly embrace drugs or alcohol as a solution.

Alternative treatment programs are interested in your long-term recovery. The facility hopes you remain sober for the rest of your life. The usual 12-step approach works for some, while many others find these programs to be merely temporary solutions. After a while, the released patient goes back to using their drug of choice. The underlying problems they had were never worked out during treatment.

Motivation Behind Each Rehab Program

It is very important that you understand the motivation of each of these recovery approaches.

12-step rehab centers believe in a “Higher Power,” that can free you from addiction if you only follow the preordained path. This is why they insist on you sticking to their supposedly tried and true formulaic steps to success. In effect, the addicted patient has little power to cure themselves. Instead, it is the “Higher Power,” found in the formula, that will solve the addiction problem.

Alternative programs take the opposite approach. The goal is to empower patients, so they can help themselves. The professional staffs at these centers emphasize the need for addicted persons to make appropriate changes. You cannot sit back and allow the 12 steps to work their supposed magic.

In alternative programs, the patient receives continual support as they work hard to recover. True, some who come in for alternative treatment may find the pressure a bit uncomfortable at times. After all, it is much easier to put burden of recovery on someone else, especially an unseen force.

However, in the end, those who accept the responsibility for their own progress can find themselves better able to deal with pressure back in the outside world. They can remain drug or alcohol free long-term, which is why they went into rehab in the first place.

Alternative Treatment Plans are Flexible

The basic 12-step plans are often too inflexible to meet patient needs. Addicted persons have to fit into the existing system. The staff knows no other ways to address substance abuse. This inflexibility can become a problem if your addiction differs from what the clinic has seen previously. They will probably be unable to offer any real treatment. In effect, you could waste a lot of time trying to make their system work for you.

In contrast, modern alternative rehab techniques stress the personalized nature of addictions. Caretakers understand that those addicted to alcohol and drugs need a recovery program with a significant degree of flexibility. If a treatment approach is proving ineffective, the staff will make changes. In the end, the goal is to ensure that the patient leaves the program able to stay sober.

Actual Recovery Possible

Traditional 12-step programs teach patients that dependency is a lifelong problem. That is why you often hear people start these treatment sessions by confirming aloud their status as “alcoholics”  or “addicts”. They have been instructed to always think of themselves as someone with an incurable disease. And, guess what? This is one reason why 12-step approaches often fail. The patients are taught that there is no way to succeed.

Non-traditional rehab programs differ. The staff works with the patient to end all dependency on alcohol or drugs. They do this through long-term recovery and therapy.

Choose Correctly

It is imperative that you choose the right type of addiction recovery program. If you make a bad decision here, nothing less than your life is at stake. You have already taken a positive step by deciding to go into therapy. Now, you should keep doing well by going the alternative rehab route.

Yes, 12-step programs are better than nothing. Going it alone can actually lead to negative withdrawal symptoms. Addicts have been known to die trying to recover without professional supervision. However, the 12-step approach is lacking in flexibility. Beating your addiction requires a long-term outlook developed just for you.

Do not fall for the argument that a traditional 12-step plan is better because it has been around for such a long time. Instead, you should understand that longevity does not always mean something is better.

Newer medical techniques, such as alternative rehab problems, are usually improvements of the traditional techniques. Such is the case here. The alternative recovery plan for alcohol and drugs is more modern and more beneficial for those want a permanent recovery.

Time to make a change!

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