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When you are struggling with addiction, it can seem like there is no hope.  The reality, however, is that there is no issue that is too strong or too dark that cannot be successfully addressed in recovery.  The journey to a sober, fulfilling life is to take the first step and contact a clinical recovery center.

Sobriety begins with the detox process.  This provides a firm foundation for upon which a sober life is built and grown.  If done without appropriate medical supervision, the detox process can be hazardous.  Improperly managed, it can even be life threatening.

The staff at the Resurgence Recover Center take the detox process very seriously.  They work to ensure that the detox process is as safe and effective as possible.  They passionately work to guide clients through the process of detoxifying both their bodies and minds so that they can full embrace recovery and envision their future life of sobriety.  To understand the detox process, contact the Resurgence Recovery Center Treatment Center for more information.

Treatment at the Resurgence Recovery Center Detox Center

The first question many clients ask is why detox is so fundamentally important to recovery.  The answer is simple.  The process of detox allows the body and mind to shed harmful toxins.  In a controlled, supervised environment, this builds the foundation for a lifetime of recovery.

As every person and drug is different, every detox process is also different.  Quitting “cold turkey” can lead to substantial withdrawal pains.  In some cases, stopping drug or alcohol use in this manner can lead to lethal consequences.  Gradually decreasing the amount of the drug in question leads to a more gradual detox experience.

How is the Detox Process Managed at Resurgence Recovery Center

Detox is a step that every individual seeking sobriety will have to undergo.  Through the clinically supervised process, each client has 24-hour medical care.  To ensure that every client receives the most appropriate detox plan, an addiction recovery special conducts are careful evaluation of every client that enters the center.  The goal of every addiction recovery specialist at the center is to begin the detox process, physically stabilize the client and help them rid their bodies and minds of alcohol and drugs.  When this process is complete, the individual’s treatment can begin.

How is a Detox Program Kept Safe and Effective?

Clients undergoing a detox program are more successful when they have a strong support structure around them.  They find this at the center through a compassionate, nurturing environment.  This supportive environment is one reason to seek treatment at Resurgence Recovery Center rather than attempting to do it alone at home.  The center’s staff encourage every client and provide them with the support they need to be successful.  Ultimately, this reduces the occurrence of relapse.  It also allows staff to manage withdrawal symptoms and keep them under control.

Withdrawal symptoms are managed and controlled through the use of non-habit forming medications.  Once the withdrawal symptoms subside, these medications are gradually tapered off.  This approach allows the detox process to be safe and as comfortable as possible.

Why the Detox Process Should Not Be Performed at Home

Many individuals seeking recovery will be tempted to avoid the clinic’s detox process and do it alone at home.  Professionals discourage this, however, as it is very unsafe.  In order to manage withdrawal symptoms and mitigate pain, it is necessary to have the appropriate clinical supervision.  There is no reason for a person to go through the uncomfortable, painful process alone.  People who attempt in-home detox place have a high risk for dangerous health consequences and relapse.

The road to recovery is a lifelong journey.  Begin it safely and with an effective program.  The addiction recovery specialists are ready to talk with you about the details of a successful detox program.

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