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What We Treat

We treat a wide variety of addictions and conditions.

Resurgence Treatment Center

There are many different type of addiction. It is a different process for each individual and varies depending  on the severity of the addiction. The goal is to teach you new skills to cope with the addiction so you can rebuild your life and enjoy every day living again without  alcohol or drugs.

Our team of highly trained doctors, nurses, counselors and addiction specialists provide excellent  clinical treatment in a highly compassionate environment for their patients. We try to protect the privacy of every client and design a custom program for every patient and their family. Our goal is long term recovery and helping the patient long after they have left our program stay on path to recovery.

Drug Treatment at Resurgence Recovery Center in Southern California.

At Resurgence Recover Centers we treat all types of drug addiction. We treat addiction to prescription medications and illegal drugs.  Some of the types of drug addictions we treat are cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, spice, opiates, and any substance sold legally or illegally.  We have outpatient treatment programs  inpatient therapy for those that need it. Depending on your needs we have the right treatment for you or your family member.

Resurgence Recovery Center offers innovative  addiction treatments for a number of conditions—among them:

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is still a very popular and addictive drug today. It is sold on the street in crystalline powder form and mixed with crack. It is often smoked by users. With continued use it can damage blood vessels in the brain, cause heart attacks, tooth decay, mood swings, weight loss and serious skin problems. We have a program that addresses the physical and mental addiction of this drug and works to help the patient become whole again.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate addiction is common in young people and adults. It is prescription drugs and often leads to  heroin. Many patients want to quit but don’t know what to do. They need help with stopping the craving and the withdrawal symptoms that come when they stop using the drugs. Opiate painkiller are strong and very addicting.  It often leads to taking heroin later. Contact us to learn more about our innovative treatment program at Resurgence Recovery Center.

Meth Addiction Treatment

Crystal meth produces increased alertness and a high. It is cheap and easy to make and highly addictive. It availability makes it popular with teens and college students. It is often smoked, snorted or injected by needle. It causes serious psychological symptoms in patients and health problems.  Our staff has a recovery program that breaks through the addiction to lay a foundation for a drug free life

Alcoholism Rehab

Alcoholism is called the third most common mental illness in the US by American Psychiatric Association. The person’s drinking to the excess ruins leads to serious problems in their relationships, jobs and social relations. They want to stop but drink alone, binge drink,  or cannot drink in moderation. They need the help of a program to stop and learn new habits to get control of their life again. Contact our staff today to get that family member or friend the help they need.

Other Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Our team deals with all kinds of addictions. When you’re addicted to tranquilizers, pain killers, anti-depressants, or even Xanax you suffer from physical and psychological symptoms. We treat all kind of addictions with custom designed programs for the individuals. Whatever the drug you family member or associate is addicted to we can treat the problem. We have the programs, therapy, and tools to succeed.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Some individuals suffer from mental illness and addiction. This means they struggle with depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, anxiety and other mental disorders. Sometime the mental disorder leads to the addiction as the substance make them feel better. In the long run they have to address the cause of their addiction and be treated for both the mental illness and addiction. At Resurgence Recovery Center we have the treatment programs to treat addictions and the causes behind them.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

We provide a full range of addiction services when you arrive. We evaluate your condition and custom design a plan for you. All our treatment address your physical, emotional, and spiritual  needs. We have detox services, group session, individual counseling, exercise and nutrition.  Contact us to learn more and set up an appointment for a family member, friend or associate.

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