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Opioid & Benzo Addiction

Opioid addiction is a very serious condition we can help with.


When it comes to the current medical field, we as a society have been able to succeed in a progressive manner. OxyContin in general has become one of the most popular narcotic pain reliever on the market today.

While the medication is strongly recommended to those with extreme levels of pain and terminally ill individuals, it is important to note that it should be taken with great caution. The National Drug Intelligence Center has studied the usage of OxyContin. Almost 1 million individuals in America (both kids starting at the age of 12) and adults have used OxyContin because it is an addictive opiate…. Not because of medical purposes.

When it comes to ensuring proper usage of OxyContin, we want to make sure that everyone uses it appropriately. If you would like to inquire information about OxyContin addiction (whether it is for yourself or a loved one), please feel free to contact our team at 1-888-828-4602.

Understanding OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin is an opiate that many individuals have misused and abused due to the way that it makes them feel. When an individual abuses OxyContin for their sheer sake of an addiction, it becomes just as harmful as a heroin addiction. Throughout the years it has been noted that individuals become addicted to OxyContin by ingesting the opiate so much that their bodies become dependent upon the drug.

As an individual’s body becomes accustomed to OxyContin, it is very hard for them to address the symptoms of withdrawal on their own. Whether it is you or a loved one that has become addicted to OxyContin, it is important that you receive appropriate treatment at OxyContin rehab centers.

Symptoms that are Connected to OxyContin Addiction

Just like any form of addiction, sickness, or medical treatment may come with symptoms, OxyContin addiction varies based upon the individual and situation. If you or a loved one begin to experience any of these in a non-normal manner, it is important that you receive the appropriate treatment immediately.

There are symptoms such as physical dependency, nausea, and vomiting (just to name a few) that OxyContin addictions including, but not limited to vomiting, nausea, and physical dependence. It is important to note that if you begin to experience these symptoms that you do not continue ingesting OxyContin at all. These symptoms can become worse and very dangerous to your body/life.

Elements to Seek When Choosing an OxyContin Rehab Center

When you are searching for an OxyContin rehab center, it is important that you find a center that is suitable for your personal preference. Admitting that you need help is the first step you take and will help you mentally receive the appropriate attention. All rehab centers are not the same when it comes to program details and structure. Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, understand that personality traits will play a major role in the decision.

Types of Rehab Centers

Choosing the type of rehab center that you or a loved one goes to is based upon personal preference. Your personality and the atmosphere that the rehab center provides all play intricate parts in the recovery process. Be sure to read all of the details accordingly and make your decision with a clear vision from beginning to end.

Outpatient Rehab Centers

If you are looking to be within an outpatient program, it tis highly recommended that you stay as close as possible to your home. Patients have found it to be useful that when they are close to home, it does not feel as if they are in an unfamiliar isolated area. When you are close to home, it is also easier for friends and family to visit as well.

Outpatient rehab centers are generally chosen because they see a great progression in results. While there are some patients that do relapse over time, the number is significantly lower than rapid detox (which we will cover here).

Rapid Detox Centers

Rapid detox centers are recommended for individuals that believe they can sustain a quick withdrawal period. While this may seem like a great option, it is important to note that there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Within a rapid detox program, patients are typically given medications and placed under anesthesia. This helps with accelerating the detox process. However, there are some reports that include heart attacks due to the rapid process.

It is vital that the patient realizes that complications and detailed information before agreeing to a rapid detox center. The process typically takes 48 hours to complete. Nonetheless, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has reported that around 55% of patients that utilize rapid detox relapse within six months of treatment.

Inpatient Rehab Centers

Inpatient rehab centers is recommended as a more successful option than the others for a variety of reasons. Within inpatient rehab centers, patients are given 24.7 treatment. However, the patients are taken away from their daily life with proper measures. This is done because if an addict is anywhere near the life that has influenced them to become an addict on OxyContin, it is easy for them to relapse at the first sign of the feeling needing OxyContin.

It is recommended that the patient take a tour of the rehab center options before making a final decision. The last scenario that a patient needs to be in is an uncomfortable program. The latter can cause an individual to relapse and that is not the end result that is desired for patients.

Understanding the Therapy Options

When it comes to inpatient and outpatient rehabs, there are individual and group therapy options available. For patients that would like to simply stay to themselves, individual therapy is there for them to use. Group therapy is recommended because it does give a sense of not feeling alone throughout the entire process.

Many addicts have been able to not only find relief in the therapy options, but have made lifelong friends in group therapy as well. Being held accountable for the recovery process by other addicts typically ends in positive results.

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