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Opioid & Benzo Addiction

Opioid addiction is a very serious condition we can help with.


When the body develops a reliance on Vicodin, it likewise develops resistance against the medication. Over time, it takes increasing amounts of the painkiller to get the same results, which prompts a continuing cycle of abuse and dependence, in which users require increasing amounts of the prescribed medicine to stop the side effects of withdrawal.

In spite of its capacity to make the body pain-free, the major draw for many users, Vicodin has deleterious effects on the body too. The primary negative reaction to Vicodin use is constipation, per The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide. It is so routine with Vicodin use, as indicated by Harvard, that specialists frequently suggest that patients start taking a laxative or stool softener when they begin a pain-relief regimen that incorporates Vicodin to counter negative impacts of the substance. However, though this temporarily alleviates the pain brought on by constipation, nothing that hinders the normal functions of the body is recommended over the long run.  In fact, long-term utilization of opioid pain relievers, including Vicodin, may bring about a suppressed immune system, raising the risk of illness in addition to a disturbance in hormone levels.

The exceedingly addictive nature of Vicodin, and the excruciating withdrawal side effects you can expect in detox, make stopping on your own extremely tough. An extensive rehabilitation program that facilitates detox, and proceeds onward to discover the seminal issues behind your compulsion can help you kick a dependence that seems impossible to break alone.

Vicodin recovery is comprised of three stages, including detox, in-patient treatment and follow-up. All are a vital part of your recovery, and a Vicodin Rehab Center that works for patients will offer whatever it take, from observed detox to after-care programs. An effective facility ought to be able to provide their success rates with respect to recovery rates of people recuperating from prescription painkiller addictions. Find out if they are willing to share those statistics with you. At Resurgence Recovery Center, we welcome all requests to provide our success rates among participants with your addiction, and we are pleased to share our success to ease your mind. Our success rate among participants who finish all three phases of the program is 90 percent, based on results one year after completion. For those who leave before completing the entire program, the success rate falls to 70 percent.

We won’t take any chances when it comes to your recovery. The methodologies we use in fighting prescription painkiller addiction are verified.

The Vicodin Rehab Process

We understand that you cannot be an active participant in your recovery if you are not at home in our facility. That is the reason our staff will always treat you with compassion and respect. This starts from the very first call to Resurgence Recovery Center and continues through our dynamic after-care programs. No two people are the same, and we won’t treat you like a number. Instead, we acknowledge your needs as an individual in our customized treatment programs. Come to Resurgence Recovery Center and you will receive the help that you have been seeking to overcome your crippling addiction to Vicodin. We promise that our dedicated professionals will create and execute an individual plan that has, as the end goal, you emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Recovery from a Vicodin habit requires detoxification of the body before treatment can start to heal the rest of you. Therefore, your treatment will take you through detox, one-on-one counseling, an after-care program that helps you continue on your path to drug-free living. Know that, every step of the way, we will believe in you.

The exciting thing is that you have a great role to play in your own success. For instance, the first step to recovery starts with a phone call. The second step happens when you take a deep breath and walk through our doors. So, by the time we get you checked-in, you have already accomplished so much. And, we know that you want help in ending your addiction because you made the first move. That determination, along with our tried-and-tested strategies, will put you on a positive path that ends in your rehabilitation.

Here are some other things that will contribute to your success.

Individualized Care

Drug rehabilitation is never the same for everyone. What works for one person might have no impact on another. Our care plans are designed with every person’s needs in mind. So, your rehabilitation will be designed for you.

Compassionate Staff

Our full-time staff of highly trained professionals are experts in the field of substance abuse and recovery. We will help you meet your goals one at a time until you have finally overcome your addiction on prescription painkillers.

How long will your Treatment Last?

If you stay for the entire duration of the drug treatment then you are far more likely to maintain a drug-free life following the completion of your rehabilitation. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, your recovery is likely to take three months or longer. In this time, you will be able to stop or significantly reduce your dependence on Vicodin.

In-Depth Counseling

Physical pain is the main cause of continued use of Vicodin. However, it isn’t the sole reason that people become dependent on prescription painkillers.In fact, addiction is a psychological as well as a physical affliction. The appropriate treatment has to get to the essence of the issue. Otherwise, a recovered addict can more easily relapse, undoing all the good work of the rehabilitation process.

We can’t wait to meet you and go over your treatment plan and first steps. If you are seeking help, you have already take such a huge step. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be the best person you can be. Don’t let your addiction steal that from you.

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