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The term “synthetic drugs” is a blanket term that is used to cover a wide array of drugs which go by several different names: “street drugs,” “designer drugs,” “club drugs,” and “party drugs.” These drugs are manufactured to provide an effect similar to the legal versions which are used for medical purposes under controlled substances acts. There are many reasons these drugs are dangerous, including the fact that many of them are laced with products and materials that can cause more harm than good, and people are not aware what they are taking when they ingest or inject these drugs into their body. Because there is no way to regulate these drugs, they run rampant and continue to put people, especially youth who think it’s fun to get high, at risk. Here is a list of some of the most dangerous synthetic drugs available today.


Bath Salts

Bath salts have the top spot because of how quickly people can become addicted to the feelings they gain from taking bath salts. The side effects include agitation, hallucinations, delusions, extreme paranoia, an increase in blood pressure, rapid heart rate, dizziness, chest pains, and more.



The term “spices” is used to refer to a growing market of herbal drugs that are being used to mimic the effects of pure cannabis oils. The “herbs” are laced with the synthetic materials and can cause a great deal of damage to people. There is a risk of toxic symptoms that can come on quickly such as seizures, irregular heart rates, high blood pressure, vomiting and more.



This drug was designed to help relieve pain related to cancer treatments and symptoms, but it has since become victim to lacing and street use. There have been thousands of deaths linked to Fentanyl including the esteemed singer, Prince. Side effects include severe breathing problems, reduced mental alertness, vomiting, fever, hallucination, and even death.

Crystal Meth

While television and the movies have made us more familiar with the impacts of meth on society, it remains one of the most dangerous drugs available today. Meth overdoses continue to rise, and it seems that access to the drug is getting easier, not harder. The most severe side effects of crystal meth are psychosis, reduced motor skills, memory loss, physical changes in brain structure, and death. This type of drug is most dangerous because of the chemicals used to “mix it” together.


Crack Cocaine

Crack has taken a backseat to drugs with more newsworthy effects, but the addictive nature and severe effects of Crack cocaine continue to be a major issue across the globe. Cocaine was popular in the 80s and 90s and has been making a comeback in recent years. There are major epidemics in certain parts of the world, including Canada, the USA, and Europe. The side effects cause permanent damage to the major organs of the body, which eventually leads to death. The “high” is instant, and it’s easy to get, so it stays on the list of the most dangerous synthetic drugs available today.