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Our Approach

Our program provides many options for optimal success.

Our Approach

At Resurgence, we approach your recovery as a process that requires a variety of interventions and a wide net of support for success. Part of your treatment will include individual therapy to allow you to explore your own deep personal issues with your licensed, caring therapist. Other problems can benefit more from a group setting.

The combination of individual and group therapy helps address more of your issues in a shorter period of time. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) concluded in a research study for addiction that, though a number of treatment facilities are not able to provide a combination of group therapy and one-on-one therapy, the most effective treatment options couple these two types of therapy.

Resurgence Behavioral Health offers our clients a nurturing environment which incorporates excellent group therapy and one-on-one therapy with compassionate, experienced, and professional clinicians. Our therapeutic models have been proven effective as a profound and life-enhancing experience. We are dedicated to meeting your needs by providing a treatment approach that is designed just for you.

Group (Peer) Therapy

Group therapies are an important aspect of our treatment approach at Resurgence….because they work.  Using a combination of group approaches helps you learn about your addiction, ways to manage your sobriety, behavior, and relationships, plus addresses mental health issues in a safe and supported setting.

At some treatment programs, the groups can become repetitive and stale. Not at Resurgence — our group facilitators are highly trained, passionate and motivated professionals who will inspire and guide you with fresh group materials and support. Our group facilitators are carefully chosen for their commitment to recovery and for their creative, unique approach to the group process.

Group therapy is also a form of “peer therapy” because as the group works together, not all the feedback and ideas come from the group leader.  As part of group therapy, you’ll begin to form a dynamic small community of people who share in a common goal and have similar life experiences.

Some benefits of group therapy are:

  1. You quickly realize you are not alone because others share in the same experiences, struggles, and barriers to sobriety.
  2. The common goal of recovery allows you to share and brainstorm ideas of ways to manage your recovery.
  3. Group members are able to support each other in reaching their goals, provide accountability, and inspire and motivate each other.
  4. Together, the group members learn to practice empathy, which is the ability to see life from someone else’s perspective. Empathy is an important aspect of learning to cope in life and the ability to listen to others’ point of view.
  5. Group therapy is a safe place to practice modeling different behaviors and receive constructive feedback from peers.
  6. The peer aspect of therapy encourages the use of social skills as you learn sober interaction, make new friends and build a recovery support system.

Types of Group Therapy

There are different group therapy approaches that we use at Resurgence.  Each type has a different focus, and together they create powerful tools for success.

Support Groups – provide you the emotional support you need.

Psychoeducational Groups – are designed as a safe place for you to learn about substance addiction and mental health concerns.

Skill Development Groups – help you learn the skills necessary to cope, communicate, and relate to others in a healthy way.

Cognitive-Behavioral Groups – focus on identifying and addressing problematic thinking and ways to develop practical solutions.

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