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Our Approach

Our program provides many options for optimal success.

Defining Addiction

At Resurgence, we feel the best way to decide if you have an Addiction/Substance Misuse Disorder is not by measuring the quantity of substance intake or time of day you do it.

Instead, ask yourself two questions first:

  1. Do I have severe consequences in my life as a direct result of my drug/alcohol or substance use?

(These severe consequences might include legal problems, relationship problems, work problems, or health problems.)

  1. Have I continued to use substances IN SPITE OF SEVERE CONSEQUENCES?

If the answer is YES to both of these questions, it’s time to reach out for help.

All of our addiction treatment programs deal with substance misuse or dependence by addressing the person, not simply the physical behavior.

Our approach involves identifying why you turn to substances and behaviors that no longer serve you, but, more importantly, HOW TO STOP  AND STAY ADDICTION FREE. You will learn more effective problem solving techniques, address emotional needs in a healthy way, and learn to deal with life’s daily ups and downs —without the use substances.

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