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Holistic Drug Rehabilitation

Why are holistic treatments a better alternative?

Withdrawal symptoms are by far the most difficult of the hurdles faced by those who want to get rid of their dependency on illicit drugs or alcohol. And these withdrawal symptoms can provide for with much more bigger issues too. These symptoms will start quite early, say in a few hours after the last ingestion of the alcohol or the illicit drug. Quite a few people do not even attempt to break free of their addiction for fear of the withdrawal symptoms and the effects it can have on them. Thankfully though, in the recent years there is an increasing usage of holistic therapies to help with the withdrawal symptoms. These therapies do not just heal a person of the withdrawal symptoms but have proven to be beneficial in providing a healing effect on the entire body.

What is holistic therapy or treatment?

The foundation on which this theory is built is the fact that the dependency on alcohol or drugs is not just physical but emotional as well. So one cannot just provide a treatment that deals with the physical effects but one has to provide a treatment that encompasses the social, spiritual as well as the physical aspects of the problem. Only then we can hope for a complete recovery.

The modern medicine focuses only on the physical aspects of the issue and treats the same. However when you want a full body recovery, this approach misses out on many different aspects which has to be addressed to ensure a holistic recovery. The idea is to help the person from moving away from the illicit substance and is not just about treating the symptoms physically.  If we do not address the problem in its entirety, then whatever medicinal solution we provide will only have a temporary effect, and you will have the patient soon succumbing to the withdrawal symptoms.

Different holistic cares

Often referred to as complementary or alternative medicines, it can have a variety of techniques included within it like yoga, meditation, nutrition therapy, acupuncture, light therapy, herbalism, massage therapy, aromatherapy, sauna, Tai chi and Chiropractic. All of these techniques have only one common objective which is to restore the balance in the body. It is all about ensuring that the body is balanced in all aspects.

Bio-physical treatments and detoxification

The success of the bio-physical treatments and bio-physical detoxification can be looked upon as a main reason for the success and reach of these holistic treatments. The conventional detoxification,that we often follow, while beneficial also comes with its own issues. When a person continues using illicit substances like drug or alcohol for a longer period, their body automatically adjusts to this inflow of toxins. Given that our liver is not equipped to handle this sudden influx of toxins, our body starts building a defensive mechanism wherein the toxins are distributed across the body. This will ensure that the liver is not overloaded in processing them. While it might actually lessen the amount of toxins to be processed by liver at any point of time, the relief provided is temporary. This will only result in hampering the recovery over a longer period.

In the event when a person discontinues the usage of illicit substances, the toxins are not removed completely in a day. In fact, the toxins that are stored in the fat cells of the body, thanks to the defensive mechanism of our bodies, are now released into the body for the liver to process them now. This is why a person who is on the road to recovery from these dangerous toxins eventually feels the same amount of craving like before. In fact, it can even be quite overwhelming that the patient starts feeling that the problem cannot be overcome at all and they are permanently doomed.

On the other hand, when you take the biophysical detoxification as your way out, it ensures that the process of getting rid of these toxins happen faster even from the cells they are stored in. This can be achieved through methods like physical exercises and sauna.

Proof for success of these treatments

People often do not pay these kind of treatments due respect for there is no real empirical evidence in place to define their success. However, the perception on these treatments is undergoing a positive change recently. In fact, the UN (United Nations) has recently acknowledged alternative or complementary medicines as an accepted method to be learnt from. With more and more people drifting towards these alternative medicines for recovering from illicit substance usage, the acceptance of these kinds of treatments has been growing as well.

There is also a widespread notion that absence of patents on these alternative recovery methods is a reason for their lack of attention. With private investors funding medical research across the world, the venue for alternative treatment research is not considered a profitable or an interesting venture by the private investors.

Recovering holistically

The fact that the detoxification in these biophysical treatments happen at a cellular level, ensures that these treatments are highly successful. This invariably refers to addressing every aspect of the problem and not just the physical factors or symptoms. Another favorable factor is that these treatments do not advocate the use of another drug or medicine in the place of the illicit substance. All the holistic treatment programs ensure that it ensures a complete recovery of the entire body and not just a replacement of drugs. In fact these treatments do not advocate any form of drug.

The treatment rather involves lighter exercises, lot of rest and nutritional supplements. The sauna treatment when supervised medically will not just speed up the process of detoxification but will also ensure that there is no residue of the illicit drug or alcohol left in any cell in the body. With the body completely detoxified at a cellular level, there will be no more cravings to deal with. In fact the patients will now have the time to address the issues which lead them to be dependent on these illicit drugs or alcohol.

With the absence of cravings, the patient will gain the confidence that they are on the road to recovery and their problem can be easily fixed. With biophysical detoxification, one gains a completely clean body and a cleaner mind which enables them to focus on ensuring that these problems do not recur in future. In fact, many patients feel that this is the best they have felt in years, completely rejuvenated and refreshed unlike the time when their body was burdened with leftover toxic substances after discontinuing their addiction.

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