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Mind & Body Connection

When it comes to treating addiction, Resurgence Behavioral Health Recovery Center believes in treating the person as a whole, body and mind, and not just the signs and symptoms of addiction. You are much better off when your physical, mental, and emotional needs are tended to, and you’re not just trying to fix what is considered “broken.”

At Resurgence, we incorporate the mind-body connection into our treatment programs to ensure that our entire being is taken care of during the recovery process.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the mind and body connection in recovery:

What Role Does the Mind Play in Addiction Recovery?

Addiction is viewed as an illness amongst health professionals, and it’s hard to treat an illness without treating the mind. Addiction has the power to physically change the way your brain functions, so it is important to focus on fixing more than just urges to abuse substances or risky behaviors.

A popular and extremely effective tool used in our recovery programs is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is a process by which you start to change the way you think about certain aspects of your life. For example, you can begin to overcome addiction by  identifying what triggers your addictions and then changing the way you think about those triggers. It’s not an easy process, but it’s worth the effort!  Addiction can physically rewire your brain, and without the kind of professional guidance we provide at Resurgence, it can be challenging to revert back to its original state. By working with our highly trained and experienced counselors, therapists, and case managers, you can start to heal your brain and take back your life!

Meditation is another practice that has been shown to help calm and focus your mind, and one that we utilize at Resurgence.  You will be encouraged to enter our recovery programs with an open mind about simultaneously treating your mind and body, so you have the best possible chance for success.

What Role Does the Body Play in Addiction Recovery?

In addition to focusing on your mind, focusing on your body is an important part of the recovery process. The physical effects of addiction can overwhelm you.  It can take a lot out of you when you do finally decide to seek treatment because detox and rehabilitation are exhausting, and there are many physical challenges that come along with them. The beginning of detox can be severe, but it’s crucial to continue to fuel and take care of your body during this process. Even after the initial stages of detoxification, you may continue to experience fatigue, weakness, sore muscles and joints, headaches, tooth pain, sleeplessness, irritability, nausea, vomiting and so much more.

The good news is that these physical symptoms of withdrawal and recovery can be managed with medication, diet, and exercise. Luckily, with the proper care and attention, your body has the incredible ability to heal itself. At Resurgence, we provide optimal conditions to allow that to happen.

What Role Does Fitness and Diet Play in Addiction Recovery?

When people are deprived of valuable nutrition, they are more susceptible to a relapse or to become addicts in the first place. A life focused on proper nutrition, exercise, and meditation can help you stay clean and sober for the rest of your life. This is why we design a fitness and diet regimen for you when you start at Resurgence.

As part of your inpatient treatment plan, you will undergo a diet consultation. Our nutritionist will determine the current state of your health and eating habits, make recommendations for improvement and then evaluate and adjust throughout your stay at Resurgence. If you are in our outpatient program, you will be provided with direction for improving your overall health and wellness as part of your recovery treatment plan.

Most people find they feel better and have improvements in mood, energy, and hope after only a few weeks of eating better, exercising regularly, and following the rest of their treatment plan as prescribed by the team at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

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