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Our Approach

Our program provides many options for optimal success.

Our Code Of Excellence

We’re committed to giving you excellent, individualized and compassionate treatment

Plenty of addiction treatment facilities say this, but the difference at Resurgence is that we mean it.

Rarely are two people’s needs the same, and at Resurgence you are much more than just a number. We are not a “one size fits all” treatment facility. We will customize your treatment to your needs and preferences, evaluate your progress, and update your treatment as necessary.

Our staff will take excellent care of you

Our employees are carefully chosen at Resurgence.  They are all highly motivated, respectful, and trained professionals, trained in in current addiction treatment protocols. They will respect and support your aftercare and programming choices.

We keep up with current research on addiction and adapt our programs and services accordingly

Private studies and government research on addiction are constantly providing us with new knowledge on the matter. We closely follow research studies, developments, literature, and current treatment outcomes/trends in the addiction field.

We frequently train our staff to keep them up to date.

Some of the relevant, innovative addiction treatment and aftercare services Resurgence currently offers are:

  • Smart recovery facilitator training, while you are in treatment.
  • Fresh groups and private therapy sessions, led by talented facilitators and therapists.
  • Vocational training.
  • Aftercare coaching and networking.
  • We are medication assisted therapy (MAT) and harm reduction friendly. We’ll keep you informed of your options and assist with your MAT needs.

Once our client, always our client

Treatment ends and life begins. Your team at resurgence will see you through all of it. We will provide excellent aftercare services proven to increase your chances to stay abstinent.  We will support you, coach you, and hope to keep you as part of our alumni/mentor network for the rest of your life.

Let Us Help You Take the Steps Forward Today.