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Our Approach

Our program provides many options for optimal success.

Our Philosophy

Leaving addiction behind takes courage and commitment, and you deserve the best possible care and support on your journey. You deserve nothing less than excellence. At Resurgence, we’re dedicated to providing just that.

We believe that for every addiction, there should be a personalized treatment process.

This will depend on you as an individual, your drug of choice and the severity of your addiction.

We’re proud to say that every member of our staff is rigorously trained in our integrated philosophy. This includes executives, admissions personnel, medical professionals, therapists, counselors and support staff.

We focus on a two-part, integrated treatment approach:

  1. Changing your unhealthy habits and behaviors, and
  2. Creating a new, amazing life you’ll be proud of and excited to live.

We’ll teach you coping skills, of course.

We’ll train you to work on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

We’ll help you develop habits to stay motivated.

We’ll inspire you to examine your strengths and passions.

We’ll guide you capitalize on them.

We’ll support you as you design and lead a meaningful, happy, addiction free life.

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