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Family Program

Love is what love does, and at resurgence Recovery Center, we offer our clients and their families all the support they need to recover after a fall. Research shows that individuals with great family support are able to overcome their addiction and live a fulfilling life. Family therapy provides the education and knowledge families need to help their loved one get back on track.

What We Offer at Resurgence Recovery Center

Our services include an array of individual, group and family services for the entire family. With the permission of our clients, we welcome all types of support systems to take part in the treatment and recovery process. A family member is not defined as a blood relative in most cases. Family can be a trusted friend, or ally, a parent or spouse, or even a co- worker. Our clients received one- on- one, individualized treatment that works specifically for their situation.

Since families are an important part of the success of our client’s recovery, we offer extensive family support to include:

  • Weekly visitations every Saturday
  • Weekly progress updates to family members via in person, by phone or on Skype
  • An inclusive family orientated program every other Saturday
  • Multi- family support sessions every Wednesday afternoon for clients and their loved ones

During the family group sessions, all past and present clients are welcome to come and share their input. The sessions are designed to help family members gain an understanding or how the support system works, and how other family members implement various techniques to help them through their struggles of supporting their loved ones.

Our center is staffed with master level therapists who are skilled and trained to guide families through all phases of substance abuse and mental health problems. Through these weekly group sessions, families draw strength and insight from each other.

Since so many families depend on the help of programs like ours, we welcome international clients and their families. We help bring families together in a healthy and conducive atmosphere, where everyone can be a part of a program that works to include the entire family structure. We understand that distance can be a contributing factor for families not having the financial or means to attend a family session. As part of our program, we offer telephone and video conference meetings, throughout our client’s treatment.

The Intervention Process

Addiction affects millions of people from all walks of life, regardless of color, creed or nationality. Due to our commitment to help, educate and restore the unity of the family, we provide a comprehensive level of care that includes every family member and loved one. This is why we coordinate treatment programs which involve individual and group therapy, in addition to family group support.

When loved ones are a part of the healing and recovery process, our client’s chances of success are even greater. Addiction brings out the best and the worst of feelings, and it is not unusual for loved ones to feel confused, helpless, hopeless or overwhelmed. The more support clients get from the outside the greater the outcome. If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction and need help, please contact Resurgence Recovery Center today, and get the help your need for yourself, or for your loved one. Help is just a phone call away.

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