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Relapse Prevention

Resurgence Recovery Center is dedicated to providing resources to anyone serious about getting clean and living sober for the rest of his or her life. Connecting yourself to people with like goals can only improve your chances of success, which is why we encourage and recommend participation in support groups and relationships with others seeking to avoid relapse. We believe that support should come from others who can provide a common foundation, focus a collective push from the bottom to the surface, and participate in a system that helps you to help yourself to stay afloat. Taking ownership of your reality is a big part of the program, and any added accountability reinforces that responsibility. If the addiction has been treated, then this is certainly the best way to cope with issues of dependency.

We don’t give you the tools and knowledge that you need to survive in sobriety just to set you up for failure on your own. Leaving the facility doesn’t mean leaving behind all of the support that we provide. Our motivation is to help people to live healthy and sober, and we believe that our alumni are the product of that effort. They are the purpose for our existence, and even though they have moved on physically, they are always welcome to reach out for support during particularly trying times, or if they just need a boost to keep them grounded in sobriety.
Our clients and alumni have addiction in common, but they have various triggers that represent their dependency, so in the spirit and common sense of personalized treatment, we address specific forms of substance dependency, namely alcohol and drugs. Professional counselors and therapists provide guidance through a process that is designed to help our clients identify, cope with, and avoid counter-productive people and behaviors.

Alumni leave with a relapse prevention plan that is designed with them specifically in mind to give them the tools that they need to contend stress that comes with their individual temptations, stressors, and daily struggles. We are pushing for the best outcome possible. The relapse prevention plan is just one of the many tools that we make available to alumni to ensure a smooth transition from a controlled environment back to their lives and responsibilities.

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