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Single Gender

In our society, men and women are looked at differently in certain areas. While certain situations are a less than rational differentiation, there are certainly situations where that is justifiable, including treating men and women different when it comes to treatments for drug and alcohol abuse. In turn, this valid difference in treatment has lead to the establishment of single-gender rehabilitation centers to allow for more targeted, on-point treatment.

There exists a debate about how effective these treatments really are, due to them being for one gender only. If you are in need of such a center, make sure to shop around – there are a lot of options, so don’t settle for something that doesn’t work.

What is the Point of Single-Gender Rehab?

Not everyone’s needs will be fulfilled by single-gender rehab, but single-gender rehab stands to help many people. In particular, women going through substance abuse issues have a higher chance to experience depression and anxiety. Specialized treatment allows these rehab clinics to address both issues separately and with women in mind.

Perhaps more notable than depression and anxiety is that women with substance abuse issues are also likely to be victims of physical and emotional abuse. As such, a rehab space that is exclusively for women could be seen as more inviting and accommodating and not create an uncomfortable environment. The same of course can be said for men, who may feel less inclined to put up a strong guard.

Going beyond that, some women-focused rehab centers offer family services that allow women to visit their family, or even under certain circumstances, allow their families to accompany them through their treatment.

Single-gender rehab centers also offer the benefit that the likelihood of becoming involved in a relationship is lower than for a rehab center that has all genders together in one space. This does a great deal of help for treatment, as relationships between patients can complicate treatment. For example, if one person in the relationship is not receptive to treatment, it could ensure that the other person is negatively influenced and caused to fail in their treatment. Granted, this will not address the issue of same-sex relations between patients at single-gender facilities, but it at least serves as an overall reduction.

It is not only the people involved in the relationships that may suffer. According to people on the Internet forum Prison Talk Online who had attended a coed rehab treatment center, they described the relationships as distractions – not only for the people involved, but also for them. Even going beyond simply people becoming involved in relationships, they found that patients would still seek to impress members of the opposite gender rather than doing what they went to rehab to accomplish.

Mind you, the value of single-gender rehab centers is not an objective one, as other people on the website extolled the virtues of a mixed-gender rehab center. The argument being made is that for as much value there is to an artificial single-gender setting, the setting lacks a certain kind of reality to it, as in real life, you usually will be exposed to men and women usually. By having a more realistic exposure, it may help them stay clean post-rehab.

In a study conducted on single-gender treatments and coed treatments for both men and women by social work professor Brian E. Bride, he finds that single-gender treatment did not have a significant effect on the overall number of people who stay for and complete treatment. He goes on to suggest new ways for single-gender programs to treat substance abuse.

If you are in need of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, but are not sure of whether you would prefer a single-gender or coed treatment plan, give Resurgence Recovery Center a call. We will work with you to get you set up with the best plan for you.

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