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Men Only Rehab

The abuse of drugs and alcohol is a very serious situation that can affect both men and women. However, studies have shown that men are much more susceptible to this problem. Research comparing men and women published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) showed that not only are men more likely to have the opportunity to use drugs, they were also more likely to actually use drugs.

Drug and alcohol use is also starting much earlier in men’s lives. Research has indicated that it often begins as early as the teenage years. The NIDA published findings that showed over 8% of males age 12 and older have abused drugs for non-medical use.

With statistics like these, it is important that men-only drug rehabilitation programs are established throughout the United States.

Risks from Drug Use in Men

When men begin using illegal drugs, prescription drugs for non-medical reasons, or alcohol, they are at risk for numerous problems, including those listed below.


According to the United States Justice Department Report on Drugs and Crime, 19% of men are imprisoned because of drug offenses. This statistic does not even include crimes committed while under the influence of drugs, like violence and other criminal infractions. Furthermore, among people found guilty of drug trafficking, 83% were men.

Vehicle Accidents

The effects of drug use ranges from slowed reaction time to reckless and aggressive driving. This makes driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, the NIDA published a report that over 16% of all drivers tested positive for prescription or over-the-counter medication, and 11% tested positive for illegal drugs.

Domestic Abuse

A common problem associated with men using drugs are domestic disputes. Sadly, according to Domestic Violence Statistics, a woman is beaten every 9 seconds and domestic violence is the top cause of injury to women. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that one of the main reasons for this aggression is abuse of alcohol.

Mental Health Problems

The abuse of prescription and illegal drugs has been shown to cause major depression in males. This is because the brain’s natural reward system is altered by the drugs. When men come down after using narcotics, they are left feeling extreme mental anguish.


The mental health problems discussed above results in men being at a high risk of suicide. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that suicide attempts by men ranging in age from 21 to 34 have increased by a staggering 55%. They also showed a huge rise in attempts made by antidepressants, sleep aids, anti-anxiety medication, and anti-psychotic medication.

Physical Health Problems

The abuse of drugs and alcohol will wreak havoc on a man’s body. This results in a very high risk of heart disease and cancer. Men using drugs are also more likely to encounter sexual problems like sterility, impotence, or even acquire sexually transmitted diseases.

Requirements for a Men-Only Drug Rehabilitation Program

With men at such a high risk for the severe problems listed above, men-only drug rehabilitation is a necessity. Listed below are requirements that will help make a program successful.

Mental Health Assistance and Suicide Prevention

Men need to be supported and taught about the deeper effects drugs have on their mind and body. Educating men on addiction, as well as the recovery process, will create a stable foundation for their rehabilitation. This knowledge will also act as a preventative measure for a possible relapse into drug use.

Appropriate Treatment for Underlying Causes

It is important to dig deeper into the root cause that led to drug abuse, like mental or emotional problems. By determining these underlying issues, men can learn how to adequately treat them without reverting back to drug use.

Drug-Free Practices

When it comes to underlying causes, like mental health issues, treatment with medication can hinder recovery from drug addiction and increase the risk of suicide. That is why developing drug-free practices for long-term treatments are essential.

Assistance Dealing with Crime, Violence, and Anger

With such a high number of drug-related criminal acts, it is necessary to provide assistance in appropriately dealing with these problems. During the rehabilitation process, men need a safe place where they can take responsibility for they have done. It is also important to help establish new moral standards for a successful outcome.

Help with Broken Relationships

Drug abuse not only affects the user, but also those around him. Relationships with family members and other people have likely suffered. Helping men repair these broken relationships aids in their healing and recovery, as well as encourages acceptance by their loved ones.

Successful recovery from drug abuse is an in-depth process that is best accomplished in a long-term residential setting. In addition, men-only drug rehabilitation will deliver the appropriate care and focus specifically on what men need for drug and alcohol treatment.

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