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How Does Meth Affect the Brain?

All drugs can have different interactions with the brain, but for those who are recovering from methamphetamine it can be even more difficult. Without crystal meth addition treatment, it can almost be impossible to become clean because of how it affects the brain. The levels of dopamine in the brain increases when meth is introduced into the body and it is a neurotransmitter. The pleasure, motivation, and rewarding feeling that meth gives the body is the dopamine, which affects the motor function.

Treatment is very important for those who are struggling with meth addiction because of the “feel good” chemicals that the body feels due to the meth. This is why so many people become addicted to crystal meth and need rehab. If a meth addict does not enroll into a methamphetamine addiction treatment center then they can easily find themselves seeking the drug and become more and more addicted each day. Luckily, many have realized that going to a methamphetamine rehab center is the only way to get clean and stay clean forever.

How Addicts Abuse Methamphetamine

There is a need for different forms of rehab because methamphetamine users can abuse the drug in a lot of different ways. Some of the different ways it is abused is by dissolving it in water or alcohol and it can be taken orally, smoked, injected, or snorted. Meth abusers sometime inject or smoke the drug because it makes the sensation intense and it affects them immediately. The high does not last long and it can lead to people using it every 15 minutes to sustain the high.

The Short and Long Term Effects

Like most drug abusers, those who abuse meth are likely to push their bodies over their limits because of the all the energy they feel from the drug. One the drugs actually wear off, reality can set in and it can lead to a mental and physical breakdown.

It is possible for an addict to do irreversible harm to their body, long term. The vital organs take the most damage for a crystal meth addict in recovery and that is why it is so important to receive treatment for methamphetamine addiction as soon as possible. The only way to stop the degeneration is recovery. Some long term damage can be lung damage, kidney, and liver damage. Other damage can be strokes, irregular heartbeat, and increased heart rate. Horrible mood swings, memory loss, and inability to grasp abstract thoughts are other affects.

Short-term effects

Some of the effects of meth can be short term and easy to notice. Some of the effects a may have are seizures, even death from high doses, irritability, hallucinations, panics and psychosis, nausea, violent behavior, disturbed sleep patterns, loss of appetite, dilation of pupils, and increase in body temperature.

Long-term effects

Some of the long term effects are damages to the brain, depression, severe tooth decay, dependence on the drug, weight loss, infectious diseases, respiratory problems, destruction of tissues in nose (if snorted), permanent damage to blood vessels, and confused exhaustion.

How to Help Someone Addicted to Meth

Besides the number of physical problems that meth causes, treatment options can actually help someone get off the narcotic. Many different recovering meth addicts can share theory stories, which start the same way, someone received help for their addiction. The first step of helping a meth addict is getting them to understand they actually have an addiction. Sometimes they do not even realize their behavior is problematic.

Then, it is important to understand why the person turned to drug abuse in the first place. Some of the reasons may be that they feel unable to deal with their life, emotions, or struggles. The important thing in recovery is that it fits the addict and their needs to get better. There is not one thing that will help all addicts, it can be different for all and finding a treatment tailored to the person will be their best bet for recovery.

People will usually want to find the easiest way to get help for their meth addiction, but short term programs usually do not last and the addict will go back to their old ways. Understanding that meth addiction is more than just dealing with the physical dependence will prove that it will take more than a few weeks to recover. A recovery center promising change in a few weeks, is not truthful and can harm the person. It would be more forceful sobriety than the addict wanting to change and really stay clean. Quality meth rehabilitation will take longer, but the effects will be much better.

When comparing long term treatment options vs short term treatment options the result of success is significantly less with the short term facilities. The continued use of meth is very dangerous and if someone close to you is seeking treatment, make sure you help them make the right choice and not just the quickest.

The Truth About Meth Addiction Treatment

Many questions come up such as is recovery possible? Can a recovering meth addict really live a normal life? The answer is yes! Choosing the right program and knowing how to help someone with a meth addiction is key.

Meth Treatment Programs Provide Knowledge

If you know someone who is addicted to meth and needs help, but you are unsure where to start, remember that meth rehab and addiction centers can help you and provide you with the knowledge you need. Talking to professionals who know how to help addicts is the best option.

In conclusion, there is no treatment for the physical damage that meth can do, but there are other ways to help an addict. The key is to help a meth addict get into recovery at one of the methamphetamine rehabilitation centers. Get a meth addict into a treatment center to get them the help they need because without it they are not likely to get better.

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