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Our Costa Mesa, California center is here to provide our clients with everything they need to become and remain sober. As we are in recovery ourselves, we understand the fight, we have been there and know what it takes to say yes to your future and get help. As we have helped hundreds of parents get their child back and hundreds more find themselves, we have created an addition treatment program that works based on individual need, not “what should work”.

We also created a sanctuary space with our California residential facility.  We have found than when taking that first step and entering recovery, it helps to have some of the comforts of home. This means bedrooms, not hospital rooms. Our residential facility in Costa Mesa, CA provides both a safe and relaxing environment to heal from addiction and make a plan to move past it.  To view our Costa Mesa facility, click here.  Or, simply give us a call.

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Not all people seeking treatment are the same. Sadly, most rehab facilities forget this and try to push a one size fits all model to their recovery program. At Resurgence, we build a truly custom recovery plan for each client that comes in the door. We assess what is needed from a medical perspective, where our client is in their recovery process, and past experiences that may not have been successful. With this information, we build a truly unique treatment plan from which to operate. This process produces an addiction recovery journey like no other center in the United States.

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Take Control, Live Your Way

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our clients are encouraged to find what works for them. While a 12-step rehab program may work for some, a non-12 step, evidence based program may provide more value for others. This allows our clients to be in charge, and take ownership of their recovery. Providing this level of accountability to the client lasts well beyond leaving our California residential center. As our clients return back to the real world, we want them to succeed in their personal lives as well as in the their recovery. Providing them with choices as to how they choose to live their life and their specific recovery has proven, time and time again, to have a much higher success rate than other rehab centers that push a single treatment model.

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Let Us Help You Take the Steps Forward Today.

The respect that this center has for their clients is like nothing I have ever seen. After 3 attempts at other centers, they listened to me and built a program that is working. Thank you!

M. Johnson

My husband needed help with his alcoholism. We were told about Resurgence and I am so thankful. I have my husband back, and our kids have their father back. Truly life saving.

J. Hansen

I was worried about the detox portion of treatment. They helped me understand how it works and when I entered, they were there every step of the way. In the end, my detox was simple, safe, and it was surprisingly easy.

T. Stafford

Resurgence California Is Located in Orange County and We Strive to Help Everyone Better Themselves in the Costa Mesa Area.

Resurgence California is located in Costa Mesa however you can find us on Yelp, and Lacartes. If you prefer a more personalized experience you can call us at (833) 257-1257, or visit us in office 24/7. We are located near the Reptile Zoo, the Huntington Beach Pier, and the John Wayne Airport.

Driving from the John Wayne Airport (SNA) to our office is a fairly quick and simple drive, just follow these simple directions and we’ll have you at our doorstep in no time. Leaving the airport you want to get on MacArthur Boulevard and then get on the I-405 North highway. Continue on I-405 North towards Costa Mesa, then take the 55 Exit. Drive to bristol street from the exit and we are located on bristol street, see you soon!

Let Us Help You Take the Steps Forward Today.